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Report代写|S172 Stakeholders and Section



The effect of these developments has been to increase the level of narrative disclosure and discussion around risk and stakeholder engagement.

You are working for one of the Big Four professional services firms. Your department is split into two divisions, one of which is focusing on sustainability and climate related risk disclosure issues, the other is focusing on pandemic reporting.


Produce a professional report, with supporting appendices, which explores the quality of the reporting for Whitbread PIc 2020/21 Annual Report and associated reports for either:

a) the reporting of the risk and stakeholder impacts of the Pandemice J


b) the reporting of the sustainability and climate related risk disclosures both in the body of the Annual Report and in the supporting SASB report and TCFD report.

For whichever issue you choose you should critique the quality of the reporting and conclude whether the s. 172 report by the company: 175600/23076 Whitbread AR2020 web-1.pdf

provides useful information to enable users to understand how directors have discharged their duty“to promote the long-term sustainable success of the company,generating value for shareholders and contributing to wider society”. (FRC 2018 Corporate Governance Code)

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