Report代写|Strategic Analysis Report


Detailed Specification:

You are required to produce a management report entitled, “Strategic Analysis and Planning
Document for Street Lighting Corporation” based on the evidence supplied in the case

Length of Report: Word processed- maximum of 3000 words excluding References and
Executive Summary.

Specifically, you are required to:

• Conduct a strategic analysis of SLC and develop a strategic plan that will enable the
company to overcome its current shortcomings and to gain competitive advantage
that management is seeking.

Your task

1. Executive Summary

Briefly summarise the approach taken in the report, and the key findings

2. Introduction

Background – briefly describe the background context of the organisation (e.g. historic
information on the company’s formation, the financial performance, and the key products
and services) and provide an outline of your report.

3. Overview of problems with current strategy

Hint: What is wrong with the current strategy? Why is company incurring losses?

4. Strategic Evaluation

Critically evaluate the organisation’s position by conducting an External Environment
Analysis (PEST) and a SWOT analysis based on the Case Study.

5. Critical Discussion of proposed strategies

Hint: Do you agree with John’s proposals? What strategies (operation, financial,
marketing and other strategies) should SLC follow to come out of the difficulties it faces?
How can these be implemented?

6. Future Prospects

Hint: What are the future prospects of SLC? Are the proposed strategies sustainable?
What are the gaps? What else can be done?

7. Conclusion

8. References

Harvard style referencing must be used.

9. Overall professionalism

Well written report which is presented in a professional manner. Appropriate headings,
logical structure and flow of ideas, clear and coherent language with good grammar and
punctuation etc.

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