Report代写|Project Report Writing

这是一个新西兰的Writing Report代写,要求根据代码生成报告

A guide to writing a project report

The final written report is the most important part of the project and where you can
gain (or lose) the most marks. The report should inform the reader about everything
to do with your project – who the project is for, what work you did on it and how
successful the project was. Throughout the project it is important to emphasize
decisions that were taken and why, for example “we decided to use C++ because…”
or “we decided to restrict the app to desktop computers and not make it available on
phones because…”.

Who writes the project report

The report is written by the project team. In the end, there must be one final report
but it must include input from all members of the team. If you like, you can include a
short section in the introduction stating which team member contributed to which
section of the report, but you do not have to do this. Make sure that the front page of
the project includes the names of all students in the teams.

Structure of the project report

Reports can be very different depending on the project and the size of the team.

This document provides general guidelines but some of them may not be specific to
your particular project or report. This is a general structure:

• Title page (include the title and names of all team members)

• Acknowledgements (optional and you do not have to do this)

• Contents

• Introduction to the organization you are working for (leave this out if no

• Introduction to the project – include purpose of the project, who will use it,
previous versions of this project (if you are modifying an existing project)

• What you did – this is the most important part of the report and should be
several sections. Describe all technologies, systems and languages used.

Include details of what you did and why you did them. Include any problems
that came up.

• User Manual (this is optional) – if you feel it is helpful, include a section that
can be used by somebody who needs to run your application

• Conclusion – a summary of the main points of the project, and how successful
the project was. Note that a project can actually be unsuccessful but this will
not affect your grade as long as you report on what decisions were made and
what factors contributed to an unsuccessful project.

• Future work – what could be done next to improve and expand your project.
In several cases this is actually very useful because a team in semester 2
may continue the same project that was started in semester 1.

• Personal learning – each member of the team must write their own paragraph
of what they personally learned from the project. Each paragraph must have
the name of the student writing it.


Do not include all your code. Include a link to GitHub (if you have used GitHub) or
submit the code separately with the report. You can include images (screen shots)
of sections of interesting code and then discuss these sections.

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