Presentation演讲稿代写|World History Project Pt 1


Primary Question to be Answered: How do the American, French, Haitian, and Latin
American revolutions compare to one another?

A transatlantic republic of letters helped spread revolutionary thinking and activism.
With the American and French revolutions serving as models of republican
government, former slaves in Haiti, colonial peoples in Latin America, and military and
religious elites in Spain and Portugal all participated in revolutionary uprisings.

In this project, students will examine the ideas of revolution and the rights of the person
represented by two revolutions (choose from American, French, Haitian, or Latin
American revolutions) and be able to answer the following:

● What ideas inspired these revolutions?
● What ideas of government did these revolutions challenge and replace?
● How did these revolutions advance the rights of the individual person and
change the relationship of the individual person and the state?
● Which groups most benefited from each revolution?
● Who was left out?

Students will create a 3-4 minute video presentation (in a style of their choosing. For
example a student might make their own documentary style video or an extended Tik
Tok style video about the topic) in which they will, using appropriate images (for
example, you might include a Google Slide presentation in your video) to supplement
their video presentations, fully answer the above questions about two of the
revolutions. Their presentation must make analysis of and direct references to examples
found in the sources provided below as well as information from their textbooks.

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