Memo写作|BCOM9604: EQ MEMO – The Mental Health of Working in Hospitality


Assignment Aims

Research (evaluating and summarizing sources); Synthesizing A Narrative of One’s Experience with Facts ● Document Organization ● Writing and Editing


As workers within the hospitality industry, you’ve seen first-hand the results of the constant and multifaceted demands placed upon everyone in your field. Personnel communicate their increasing stress levels, formally and informally, and the industry has seen at minimum a 30% increase in absenteeism over the last five years. Sudden resignations now exceed any prior level in modern history. Of course Covid-19 has much to do with both realities. You know this is a broad trend beyond just your department, particular occupation, or demographic.

Occupational psychologists show that in industries like hospitality, where service and communication accuracy, immediate deadlines, and “demanding” clients are the norm, most employees’ mental health decreases over time. This attrition or “burn-out” leads to growing absenteeism and psychical maladies for those who endure the adversity and nevertheless enjoy their jobs.


Something must be done. Not just for the sake of the employees’ health, one’s experiences of work need to be examined with a lens of mental well-being. While the value of newish corporate wellness programs in improving employee health and reducing absenteeism is a good start, something is missing from the pamphlets, training modules, and awareness days. What is it? What one particular aspect of mental health is, for you, under-examined or absent in the hospitality industry?

Please prepare a brief memo that provides your “take” on the issue. This “take” synthesizes your experiential and researched ideas to add to the discussion of mental health at your place of work. Please be specific and avoid generalizations.

Organization of EQ Memorandum

Addressed to someone at your place of work (or, if you prefer, Tim Kaposy as your HR director), the memo should be no longer than three pages (excluding References page) and incorporate 1.5 line spacing, 1” margins, and 12-point font.

The memo will contain five concise sections:

  1. Introduction:Provide personal and professional context for the issue—remember to get right to the issue at hand and direct the reader’s attention with a narrative of this issue; 
  2. Context of Mental Health Issue: What is this issue? Who deals with this issue? Why is it under-examined? From your personal experiences and a brisk foray into research (it’s not meant to be authoritative or comprehensive!), explain the mental health issue you think missing at work and in the new discussions from corporate mental health programs;
  3. Advantages of raising the profile of this issue:include a description of this issue with reference to two resources. You will cite one online scholarly article and one other credible news source (database article, magazine article, book excerpt, website, etc). Please find evidence to support your claims.
  4. Recommendation and/or summaryof what you’ve learned from experiences and research. How should a workplace like yours better identify, address, contend and mitigate this mental health issue? Remember that you’re not solving a problem outright but instead lending a hand in making your workplace more healthy by addressing this issue.
  5. Note on Your References

Please use APA citations.

****When writing the memo, replace the above generic section names with descriptive subheadings that prompt me to the specifics of the mental health issue you’re examining.****

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