Marketing代写|IS622 DMP Assignment2



1. This is an individual assignment. You are not allowed to collaborate with your
classmate on this assignment.

2. Deadline for submission: 2300 hrs on 13 March. Late submissions will be penalised.

Do not submit at the last minute to avoid technical issues.

3. All submissions are to be done via eLearn. Do not email your assignments to the

4. Your assignment should be done in Google Doc for easy file and comment sharing.

Submit your Google doc link in eLearn and ensure that the sharing permissions (via
SMU accounts only) are correct.

5. Your write-up should be between 500-1,000 words. Do not exceed the word limit. You
are free to use diagrams and images but do not exceed THREE pages in total for the

6. Total marks: 50


As the product manager of your start-up, you are tasked to work with other stakeholders in
the business to validate the product-market fit of your product. Write a plan with the following

1. Describe the primary use case of your product.

2. Describe where the primary persona who would be users of your product may be

3. Describe the product narrative you would use to create resonance with your

4. Describe the online channel(s) where you believe your product would receive the
most attention. Note: you should only selected channel(s) which you are able to
execute your marketing plan on, e.g. do not propose advertisement banners on

5. Describe an execution plan with a one week timeline how you can validate your
product idea via the selected channel(s). You can make use of the template from the
class activity in Week 6 and add on more details like the timeline of events.

6. Describe the metrics you would be measuring and the reasons behind your choice.


1. [30 marks] Be data-driven to use relevant and meaningful data

2. [10 marks] Evidence of research into appropriate usage of the selected marketing
channel(s), e.g. there is a particular online ABC forum in a certain social media
platform where it is highly possible for you to solicit feedback and learn about user’s
needs and pain-points to market your product concept or there is a way you can
partner with an organisation to share your product concept etc.

3. [10 marks] Creativity in your product narrative to capture user’s attention

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