Essay Plan代写|4205-EDUC Essay plan assignment

这是一个澳洲的Essay Plan代写


1. Research your topic.

2. Write a plan for your essay. Each person should work individually to create their own plan. Your plan should be like the online Chocolate essay plan example on pages 65 to 67, using the template on page 64 (also on MyUni ). Your plan should include at least 3 academic sources (or 5 sources if you are at level 2). (An academic source is a journal article, scholarly book or book chapter, not a website or blog.) Please include the sources (authors’ names, year and page number if necessary) at the appropriate places in the text and give the complete references in a list at the end.

You may use dot points in your plan. See the narrated example essay plan online.

3. Make a PowerPoint presentation based on your plan. Remember to include a reference slide/s.

4. Write your explanation of the plan, or make notes, using these headings:

Essay topic
Final reflection. Part 1―the PowerPoint design. Part 2―the whole process.

5. Print the words or prompts for your audio narration. (Stages 5 and 6 are closely connected, as you may also want to reflect on the process of making and adding audio, so you may need to add more at the end.) DON’T just read your essay plan aloud!

6. Record the narration for your PPt, including your reflection.

Presentation time 3 – 5 minutes. (See the example on MyUni – online lecture 6.)

N.B. The example presentation has a lot of references. You don’t need this many. Check the minimum you need for your own essay―3 for level 1 students; 5 for level 2 students.

Please adapt the template as necessary. Add extra paragraphs if you need to, and remember to use in-text references and a reference list in APA (7 th edition) style. Use APA Interactive to help you format your references.

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