Essay代写|SOSC1960 Discovering Mind and Behavior Research Experience



Your Tasks:

  1. Complete the real research study online as a participant ORwatch the video:
  • Studylink:
    • The survey is a real research study.
    • Take the survey ONCE
    • Please take the survey seriously and follow the instructions in the survey.
    • Please also reflect on your experience as a research participant.
    • You may find it helpful to take notes as you go along.
  • Videolink: 
    • When watching, you may turn on the caption (i.e. subtitles) by clicking on the icon “CC” on the bar at the bottom of the screen.
  1. Answer the question in the space provided below (within 200-300 words).


There is a word limit.

200-300 words. All main text, in-text citations and footnotes count towards this word limit, while the reference list, appendices, and any additional materials, if any, do not. There will be a 2-point deduction penalty if your writing is outside this range.

How to submit your essay:

  • Use this template to submit your work.
  • Rename this Word file using this format: RE _UST ID.docx (e.g., “docx”).
  • Submit your work under the “Assignments” tab on CANVAS.
  • There is a grace-period policy: Submissions later than the deadline for five hours or less will not be penalized. For submissions later than the deadline for more than five hours, a 2-point deduction will apply. For students who cannot meet the deadline due to medical reasons, a testimony by a medical doctor should be presented to the instructor as soon as possible; the submission deadline will be postponed accordingly. The aforesaid penalty will apply thereafter.
  • Only the last submitted file will be graded, even if you claim to have submitted a wrong or corrupted file.


Grading Policy

Your writing will be graded on a pass/fail basis. If your writing addresses the question and shows your effort and thinking, you will be given a pass and 10 points. If your writing fails to achieve this, you will be given some comments and have a chance to rewrite and resubmit with a two-point deduction penalty (that is, a resubmission that meets the said criteria will be given a pass and 8 points).

You only need to either complete the survey OR watch the video.


If you filled out the survey, answer this question: How does this study change your perception of how psychologists study our relationship with our environment?

If you watched the video, answer this question: How does this video advance your understanding about the behavior of lying among children?

Please use the space below to answer the question in 200-300 words (There will be a 2-point deduction penalty if your writing is outside this range).

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