Essay代写|FLM2031 Critical Reflective Essay



A formal, written analysis – 2000 words OR a 10 minute video essay, providing a critical context for your creative business project, under the sub-headings of



Group work

Project analysis and context



Brief Introduction, giving a summative view of your project and your team.

Research of the idea(s), including context and customer discovery Reflective analysis of the group work at each stage of the process, and your individual role within that group Project Analysis – critical reflection of the business project you have produced with industry context, analysis of the process and reflection on what you have learned Should have a Bibliography (see Film Studies style guide)

Reflect on your progress through the module including group formation, idea development, individual and group contribution, customer  discovery journey, learnings you have taken away and next steps Use appropriate references both industry and academic; the reading lists,  reports and industry presentations should help with this


Please reference specific companies, creative projects (film, TV, games, digital, immersive etc.) genres and business strategies which have influenced your business development and which you want to critically engage with.

Please reference what you learned in class both from your lecturer and guest speakers Demonstrate a broad understanding of the module processes and the role of critical reflection.

Critical reflection of personal contribution Your role – what it entailed Overlaps and links to other roles Decision making processes Teamwork Lessons learned

OK to be subjective (up to a point – e.g. the relationship within the group, between yourselves and any subjects you worked with). Ok to discuss what didn’t work out (lessons learned).

OK to use online references, but majority peer-reviewed – journals, books, etc.

OK to use stills, but not necessary.

OK to be slightly less or more (5%) than 2000 words

Not OK to be too descriptive Not OK to be too self-congratulatory – critical means analysis – but both positive and negative aspects.

Not OK to have too few references, but relevance is key.

Not OK to be late.

Not OK to not to have proof-read Not OK to copy/plagiarise

Look out for: Grammar Sentence structure – usually has a noun, a verb and a noun. Use of commas, full-stops, etc. Titles of content (films etc) and books in italics – style guide Proof read (get a friend?)

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