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Writing the Paper

How should I write my paper? Writing is a creative process that should reflect your own ideas. You should never write an essay with only your sources in hand. It will be necessary to have access to them for proper citation and general reference, but you should first and foremost have your notes and outline before you. Consider the following as you write your papers:

  • Introduction. Your introduction needs to clearly state your thesis and what your paper is about.
  • Style. The body of your essay should be structured with proper sentences, paragraphs,punctuation, spelling, and grammar.
  • Language. Avoid informal language you would use on the street or in a text. It is okay to use statements such as “I argue” or “I contend” because the essay should reflect your own ideas. Do not be excessively personal, however, by starting every other sentence with “I.” Simple language is the best, so there is no need to show off your vocabulary.
  • Organization. Make sure that your paper is properly organized and that it carefully develops the topic under discussion. In other words, make sure it has a logical progression with paragraphs that are related to each other.
  • Quotations. Use your sources intelligently, which means quoting only when necessary.

Avoid quoting excessively at all costs. At times, the person who uses numerous quotations demonstrates that they did not engage properly with their sources; it shows that they are simply seeking to fill up space.

  • Conclusion. After you have finished developing your thesis, you need to provide an informative conclusion that concisely sums up your essay.

Crafting a Title

How do I craft an interesting title? All essays need titles that are creative, attractive, and informative. The purpose of a title is to draw your reader into the general subject of your paper, so make sure you choose one that outlines your argument, geographical scope, and chronological focus. Do not use the title of the assignment as the title of your paper.

Referencing Sources

How do I reference my sources? All citations for historical essays need to follow the Chicago Manual of Style, so please consult the following resource for help: The Chicago Manual of  Style, 17thed. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2017)


. Footnotes are the preferable method for citations and bibliographies need to properly appear at the end of all your essays and exams.


How do I format my essay? Your essay should have a title page that states the title of your work, name, course code, instructor, and the date. It should be double-spaced with letters using 12-font and Times New Roman. All pages of your essay should be numbered at the bottom or at the top of each page (excluding the title page). See the Sample Paper for more details.

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