Essay代写|Arlh325 Islamic art and architecture





  1. Minimum 5-6 typed pagesin length double spaced.This assumes size 12 font and 1 inch margins with approximately 300 words per page, therefore a minimum of 1500 words

(if you use a large font size or extensive footnotes, the paper length needs to compensate)

  1. Proper footnotes or endnotes.  Following the Chicago/Turabianfootnote format.  Parenthetical citations are not acceptable for an Art or Architectural History paper.

(see the writing center in Jen Library for information if you are not sure of this format)

Failure to include footnotes will result in a failing grade for the assignment.

Owl web-site for Chicago footnote style/format


  1. Illustrations or diagramsshould be included and placed at the back of the text.  Be sure to refer to the figures within the text (ex. fig. 1, fig 2. etc) and include captionsand source information along with the image.  Avoid embedding the images within the text, since the images do not form part of the overall length of the essay.
  2. Bibliographyat the end of the paper, which includes all sources used in the essay.  Be sure to use proper format for referencing web material is used (see writing centerat Jen Library for information if you are not sure about the proper format).  
  3. Sources need to be both adequate and substantive.Although there is no absolute number required, you need to have enough sources to adequately discuss and analyze your topic. Likewise sources need to be reliable and written by credible authors. Consider first books, academic journal articles and other printed materials. Avoid personal blogs and travel web-sites.
  4. Be sure to proofread for gramatical and spelling errors
  5. papers need to be analytical, not simply descriptive.To write an acceptable paper for this course it needs to go beyond merely describing the form or relating the history of the monument or artwork.  Your essay needs to relate the topic to some larger issue or meaning.  Therefore it is important that you develop a thesisstatement or central idea as part of your introduction, which is then carried throughout the body of the essay, and finally restated in the form of a strong conclusion at the end.  If you are having trouble with this issue, please come discuss your topic with me and I will help you develop a thesis statement.

The assignment requires that you focus on an individual work of art or architecture that is related to the topics of the course, but are not specifically addressed in the lectures.

Therefore when in doubt, it is helpful to discuss the topic with me before hand.  Likewise it is very important that you begin your research as soon as possible, so that if you select a topic which may turn out to be difficult to research, you will have time to change before the due date.

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