Report代写|COSC1147 Assessment 1, Milestone 1: Written research report



You are asked to write a report on one of the biggest current ethical dilemmas involving Cybersecurity and all the issues this is causing in the IT world and particularly for the IT industry in Australia. You are expected to carry your research work about the identified topic and produce a formal report. This assignment requires you to engage in issues about Ethics, Cyberethics and Critical Thinking that are covered in this course.

Assessment criteria

This assessment will measure your ability to:

• Introduce and explain the dilemma as an ethical issue that arises in the IT industry (5%)

• Conceptualise, summarise and synthesise how the major ethical theories interact with concepts of business and marketing organisation and practices (5%)

• Explain and apply methods available to resolve the impacts of ethical issues relevant to the IT industry(5%)

• Apply research and referencing guidelines clearly and consistently (3%)

• Communicate meaning clearly and consistently through the use of sentence structure and grammar (2%)

Course learning outcomes

This assessment is relevant to the following course learning outcomes:

• CLO1 Recognise the need for computing ethics in the Information Technology (IT) industry and the complexities involved in computer ethical issues, and use the available legal tools to safeguard a developer’s interests when developing / publishing / marketing software

• CLO2 Discuss, explain and apply concepts of business organisation, business practices, system acquisition,marketing principles and the major ethical theories

• CLO3 Discuss, explain and apply ethical, social media, political, economic, legal, and marketing issues relevant to the IT industry; and methods available to resolve these issues including the legalities involved in starting a computer (software) company

• CLO4 Discuss, analyse and evaluate computing practice case studies, prepare SWOT analyses, and create detailed marketing plans using the proper language of the field in both written and oral presentations

• CLO6 Demonstrate self-directed learning and more specifically the role of life-long learning for the longevity and progression of your career in IT.

Assessment details

Research subject

You are asked to write a report on one of the biggest ethical dilemmas involving cybersecurity facing the
IT industry in the current year. In this report you will need to include the following important aspects:

• Define and explain the issue – avoid injecting your personal bias when describing the issue.

• Detail who is likely being impacted by these concerns (a list of stakeholders invested in the issue must be included).

• What is the key ethical dilemma in the problem, and are there other ethical issues as well?

• What are some possible ramifications of the ethical issues?

• Explain your proposed solutions and discuss the expected associated outcomes.

Discovering a relevant and good topic is part of the assignment. It needs to be done by considering the multiple topics available to you. Choose one according to your interests.

Structure your report

When writing a report, the intention is to present the findings made after carrying out research about a particular subject. It is to present investigation results in an area of interest as well as to demonstrate the ability to analyse information. In order to address the identified problems or improve the current state of affairs, reports often make recommendations for actions or changes. It is highly recommended that you visit RMIT University’s guidelines on report writing website before starting to write the report.

The report is expected to be highly structured, using the following titled and numbered sections:

1. Introduction: Give an overview of the topic and give the reader an idea of what the paper contains and how it is structured. It is not intended to replicate the analysis, nor necessarily list out proposed solutions.

2. Background Analysis: Use the following framework to perform an analysis and write the results as coherent paragraph structured for a formal report.

– List the known relevant facts
– Identify the stakeholders
– Discuss the duties and obligations of each of the stakeholders involved
– Identify ethical values and social impacts

3. Legal Recourse Available in Australia: If someone suffers adversely as a result of the use of technology within your chosen topic, what legal recourse is available in Australia? Consider questions such as:

– Who is legally responsible for the negative consequences and why?

– Who is obligated to ensure no harm can come to those who use this technology, or are involved in this situation?

– If there is no specific law to deal with the issue, what could be done?

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