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Essay代写|WMMC1040 Introduction to Media and Mass Communications




Students will write a 1500-word essay on a set topic from specific material covered across the unit.

Students should select ONE of the questions below:

  1. Does the pursuit of revenue prevent the media from reaching their ideals?
  2. Has the term “mass communication” ever accurately described the practices of media?
  3. Can the Internet help the media fulfil the role of the fourth estate?
  4. Have the changes to media in the past thirty years increased the power and agency of audiences?
  1. Are film and / or television useful ways to construct national identity?


This is an individual task.


Unit readings


Macquarie University Library Databases


Students will be able to access the standards expected and examples of relevant and related assessment tasks via iLearn (Assessment Section).

All essays should include evidence of wide reading and significant independent research. Your essay should refer to AT LEAST:

  • two readings from the course readings
  • two academic sources from beyond the course readings. Should be articles from an academic peer-reviewed journal, preferably from the discipline of Media/Cultural Studies.
  • two academic sources from either the course readings, or from your own independent research.
  • Use consistent referencing style (Harvard/APA/MLA)

Broader reading within the disciplines of media, communications and cultural studies will be highly valued. All essays should include a reference list with full bibliographic details of all sources referred to in the essay, and in-text referencing. We expect you to use the Harvard or author-date referencing style. Further information about how to use this style is included on the library website under ‘Harvard Style’.


This assessment must be submitted via Turnitin in iLearn. Hard copies will not be accepted or marked.

If you cannot access or view your submission via Turnitin in iLearn, you have not correctly submitted your work and will need to do so prior to the due date. (If you require assistance submitting through Turnitin, you may lodge a OneHelp Ticket or refer to the IT help page.)

You may make several submissions via Turnitin to check your work for plagiarism and make adjustments accordingly up until the due date. If you submit again after the due date your submission will be counted as a late submission and penalties will apply (see below).

Please note that for a first-time submission the similarity report will be available immediately but for any subsequent submissions it will take 24 hours for the similarity report to be generated in Turnitin.


Late submissions are possible, but they will be penalised unless the student has been granted an approved extension (refer to the Special Consideration Policy). Late penalties will be calculated based on the marks allocated to the specific assessment task. The penalty for late submission is as follows:

5% of the total possible marks will be deducted if it is late by up to 30 minutes

10% of the total possible marks will be deducted if it is more than 30 minutes late and up to 24 hours late

A further 10% of the total possible marks will be deducted for each 24-hour period up to 3 days

(including weekends) 100% of the marks will be deducted after 3 days and zero marks will be awarded


Student are required to keep a copy of all items submitted or completed for the purpose of assessment or evaluation until the end of the grade appeal period.


Feedback and marks will be provided via Feedback Studio in Turnitin, iLearn during Vacation Week.


Using the work or ideas of another person, whether intentionally or not, and presenting them as your own without clear acknowledgement of the source is called Plagiarism.

Macquarie University promotes awareness of information ethics through its Academic Integrity Policy.

This means that:

  • all academic work claimed as original must be the work of the person making the claim
  • all academic collaborations of any kind must be acknowledged
  • academic work must not be falsified in any way
  • when the ideas of others are used, these ideas must be acknowledged appropriately.

All breaches of the Academic Integrity Policy are serious and penalties apply.

Students should be aware that they may fail an assessment task, a unit or even be excluded from the University for breaching the Academic Integrity Policy.

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