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Essay代写|Birth-death chain

这是一篇荷兰的关于Birth-death chain的essay代写


Research Essay

The Research Essay should develop an argument in relation to the essay question, utilising scholarly research to underpin your discussion. The essay must be based on the Preliminary Research completed in Task 1; and further research is required to complete the task. Your essay should draw on at least 6 academic sources accessed through the library (including those consulted in Task 1). 2-3 examples of design works should be discussed in your essay, and you should analyse these works in relation to the key concepts being examined. Research sources need to be properly referenced using Turabian in-text citations, and you should include a full bibliography of materials reviewed in your research. It is important to attend weekly seminars and library workshops to understand how to develop your essay.


Birth & death chains

Student capacity



We will study he book Introduction to Stochastic Process by Hoel, Port and Stone, on the theory of Markov chains,stationary distribution of birth &death chains.

Relevant skill(s)

Basic knowledge of probability theory will be helpful on this topic.