Report代写|FIT1050 Web Fundamentals Assignment 2



Website Redesign Guidelines

  • Create a detailed mockup image only – do not code a working webpage.
  • Redesign the website’s homepage only – entire homepage height, no other pages.
  • Choose an appropriate tool to create your mockup – the final deliverable is an image.
  • The mock-up should be high-fidelity – with realistic visual style and page content.
  • Any site content and design elements can be altered – with justification in the report.
  • Website features can be removed or added – with justification in the report.
  • Regardless of the site’s original language, the mockup must be presented in English.

Report Guidelines

  • The report must be between 500 and 1000 words.
  • Provide theory-based or research-based justifications for:

○ Significant visual design changes that you have made.

○ Notable changes made to page layout and navigation.

○ Changes made to the site’s content and other information architecture issues.

  • You may include example images – these do not contribute to the word count.
  • Include a separate page for references – this does not contribute to the word count.

○ Each reference should include a title and URL.

Deliverables and Submission

  • Website Redesign Mockup Image

○ Upload your completed mockup image to Moodle as a JPEG image file.

○ Your redesign should be a single tall image.

○ Resize your image so that it is 1280 pixels wide.

  • Website Redesign Report

○ Upload your report to Moodle as a PDF or DOCX file.

○ Include references on a separate page at the end of the document.

Choosing a local small business website

The redesign must be for a real small business that already has a website. Find a site that would benefit from a redesign! The current site should have enough content to support a redesign. If you can identify at least 5 things to fix in the site, it could be a good choice.

  • Local: The business is located in the city/state/province in which you currently live.
  • Small: The business must not be a well-known brand. It must operate in one city only.

If you are having difficulty finding a suitable business site to redesign, try using Google Maps (or other map service) to search for different types of businesses in your local area.

To complete Participation Milestone 3, you must attend the week 6 lab session and inform your tutor which website you have chosen to redesign for your assignment.

Researching your site redesign

Your redesign should attempt to solve real problems found in the existing site.

  • Content that is not useful, inappropriate, or missing
  • Visual design and branding that does not suit the business or audience
  • Usability and information architecture problems that make content hard to locate

The most important redesign decisions you make should be supported with appropriate reasoning that takes into consideration:

  • Possible goals of the business owner
  • Target demographic preferences and user goals
  • Research into competing websites and observation of website design trends

Recommended mockup design tools

Your redesign must be in the form of a high-fidelity mock-up – not a low-fidelity wireframe.

Do not code a working webpage. No marks are awarded in this assignment for writing code.

Choose a tool that you are comfortable working with that will allow you to produce a clear and presentable design with relative ease.

  • Office software with good drawing tools

○ Google Slides (recommended), Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Image editing and diagramming apps


  • User Interface design apps


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