PPT代写|Python Machine Learning Project 1


You must follow the following directions:

Your project must be an empirical work

You must use actual (financial) data set

You don’t need to use full data set, but your data set must be enough to test your questions

Must use one of machine learning methods covered in the class

Simple Linear regression or Logistic regression is not included

You can use Regreesion as your benchmark to compare your chosen methods with basic regressions


Suppose you want to evaluate the credit scoring

Key variable is “Credit Score”

What’s the explanaroty variables : Gender,

Occupation, Age, Housing Type, Salary, Past Loan

History, Consumpition patterns, ….

But, we may not collect all the variables

Some sources are private


Not a long history (only 1–2 months data)

Before starting your project, you should check data availability

Some are already well defined and available (maybe not free) : stock price, company financials, etc.

You might collect the data manually : CEO information, …


Thus, you have to prepare appropriate data set after identifying your project

Popular data base (Not free, but SKKU subscribes)

CRSP : US stock price, trading volume

S&P Compustat : Company financial information of

North American Companies

In this project, I will not ask a full paper

Instead, you should submit a summary of your results as a ‘PPT’ format

The final output in your PPT file should include:


The final output in your PPT file should include:

Project overview (1 or 2 page) : Title, Problem of your project

Literature or Backgrounds (1 2 page) : Existing studies (Listing), Problems of existing studies

Your objective (1 page) : Based on problems in existing studies, how does your project contribute to the literature?

Data (1 page) : Data Sources, Sample Period, Observations, Main variables

Summary Statistics (1 page table): Mena, Std. Dev., Min, Max, Median of your variables in your data

Empirical Strategies (2 or 3 pages) : Machine Learning Methods used in your project


The final output in your PPT file should include:

Empirical Results (Within 5 pages) : Your main results

In these slides, you show your main empirical results

The performance evaluation must be included

Conclusion (1 page) : Summarize your result

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