Report代写 | Assignment 2: Surgical Masks Supplier Selection



Ms. Debbie Pang, Purchasing Officer of an university in Hong Kong, invited tenders for the supply of 150,000 pieces of 3 ply surgical masks.

Specification of the disposable surgical masks are as follows:

  • Surgical masks are made from non-woven cellulose material
  •   Rectangularshapewith measurements: Width – 95mm, length – 175mm
  •   Mustbe3 ply
  •   Shouldhavefolds in the middle of 15mm in width
  •   Shouldhave soft and comfortable elastic ear loop of 18mm

Filtration effectiveness:

  • Bacteria filtration efficiency standard (BFE) > 98%
  •   Particlefiltration efficiency standard (PFE) > 98%
  •   Viralfiltrationefficiency standard (VFE) >98%
  •  USA:ASTM F2100 standard or Europe: EN14683 or equivalent

Debbie adopted two-envelope competitive bidding tender exercise.    On the tender closing date, Debbie received 5 tenders with samples from the potential suppliers .   In view of two-envelope bidding, Debbie opened the technical proposal first.

Supplier Compliance Remarks
A No BFE PFE > 90% only
B Yes USA F2100
C Yes Europe EN14683
D Yes USA F2100
E No 2 ply only


After the assessment, Debbie found that the products offered by the Suppliers A and E could not comply with the specifications as required in the tender document.  The products offered by suppliers B, C and D all complied with the specification, however, their quality in terms of workmanship, eye loop, thickness of the materials and packaging were various.  Debbie invited the tender board members in a meeting to rate the quality of the products offered by suppliers.  The quality ratings were as follows:

Supplier Quality Rating 100%
A 0
B 80
C 87
D 76
E 0


after technical assessment, Debbie then opened the price proposal and the offers were as follows

Supplier Offers Add. Flight Cost Total
A HK$71,500 HK$3,500 HK$75,000
B HK$91,000 HK$9,000 HK$100,000
C HK$110,000 HK$10,000 HK$120,000
D HK$103,500 HK$11,500 HK$115,000
E HK$69,5000 HK$4,000 HK$73,500


The technical and price weighting were listed in the tender document as 70% and 30% respectively.

Q1.    Which supplier should be selected in this tender exercise? What are the rankings of the 3 suppliers?

Q2.    Which supplier should be selected if the technical and price weighting were 30% and 70%?  What are the rankings of the 3 suppliers?

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