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Assignment代写|Assignment 1: Financial Statement and Financial Analysis



Select a company listed on the stock exchange from an industry of your choice. As a financial journalist, you have been asked to write an article evaluating profitability, liquidity for the past 3 years. Using appropriate ratios, commenting on trends observed. Include a table of key financial data as an appendix.


  • All annual reports must be in English language
  • Company listed on the stock exchange
  • Financial statements for past three years 2018, 2019, 2020
  • You need to ensure that the column loaded annual reports can answer the following questions
  • Failure to do so will affect your marks of ASI

You must answer the following questions.


a)  Discuss the nature of the companies and their backgrounds.           (10 Marks)

b)  Compare and contrast the following items on the financial statements.

i)   Retained profitsii)   Bank overdraft

iii)  Tangible non-current assets

iv)  Trade payables

v)   Trade receivables            (20 Marks)


c)  What is a cash flow statement. Interpret the statement of cash flows and identity any cash flow problems.         (20 Marks)

d)  Explain the company’s short and long term financing        (10 points)

e)  Using six ratios to analyse the company’s performance in relation to profitability and liquidity.  Besides, comment on how your analysis compare with the impression provided by the narrative elements of annual report.       (20 Marks)

f)  In today’s business environment, ethical behaviourand practice have become an essential aspect of any organisation. Discuss.           (20 Marks)

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