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金融代写|FIN3038M International Financial Strategy





LEARNING OUTCOMES ASSESSSED: LO2, LO3 & LO4 (see Module Handbook for further details)

The purpose of this assessment is to allow you apply your knowledge of strategy and management to the case study, below. It is also for you to carry out independent research, evaluate it and report back, which supports the principle of student as producer.

Feedback will be posted onto Blackboard in the Assessment Submission area.

Please also carefully consider the directions in your student handbook regarding academic offences.  If you refer to the ideas of other writers, you must always acknowledge your source.  This includes information from the internet sources.

Case study

You must refer to the advanced material that was posted on Blackboard in Week 3.

Austin, Sole, and Cotteleer (2003, p.1) write:

…The SiL’K project team were gathered in their “war room” on the top floor of the Harley-Davidson Corporate Headquarters to face another critical moment in the project’s history. After three hectic months of meeting potential software suppliers, reviewing documentation, and evaluating software packages, the SiL’K team had to make a decision.

(Harley Davidson Motor Company: Enterprise Software Selection)


Prepare a report for presentation to the board. In this report, you are expected to:

a.Using the case study information, critically address the following questions.Who should they choose as their supplier and partner in implementing an enterprise-wide procurement and supplier management system? On what criteria should that decision be based? How should the team balance the various strengths and weaknesses of each supplier candidate in making a final selection? And had they done everything possible to enable them to make the right decision?


using up to date and relevant literature, link the main issues debated in the literature reviewed and any other relevant theoretical justification, to the issues you identified for the case study organisation

b.Discuss the extent to which the Harley Davidson Motor Company can derive sustainable competitive advantage from implementing an enterprise-wide procurement and supplier management system. Your discussion/ answer should consider the basis on which they are choosing to compete; specifically, the organisation’s supply management strategy (SMS) and their approach to linking it with the software selection process.

c.Critically analyse the SiL’K team’s strategic planning process. Identify their approach to strategy development and provide theoretical justifications and criticisms of this approach.

d.Considering the information that is provided in page 2 and Exhibit 2b of the case study document, draft an email to the Leadership and Strategy Council, on behalf of the SiL’K team commenting on the organisational structure of the Harley Davidson Motor Company,and its compatibility with the new supply management strategy. Your commentary should include theoretical justifications and critique of this structure.

Students are advised to use the library and other digital resources that are available to them, to gather any other relevant data that they may consider complementary or useful to addressing the above requirements of this coursework assessment.