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金融代写|ACCY801:Accounting and Financial Management





This foundation subject is intended for those who need to obtain some introductory understanding of the principles of accounting and financial management. No previous knowledge or experience is assumed. The subject will introduce you to the role that effective financial management makes within an organisation. The aim is to increase your proficiency in the use of the accounting data that you receive in your work environment, as well as making you aware of the basis on which key financial decisions are made. You will be introduced to the basic concepts of financial decision-making and the role of financial management in organisations to allow you to become better acquainted with the planning and controlling of resources you have at your disposal.


On successful completion of this subject, students will be able to:

  1. Apply accounting and financial management principles in the planning and control of resources.
  2. Analyse the accounting and financial environment of various organizations in order to assist with key financial decision making ethically
  1. Evaluate the implications of both short and long term investment decisions incorporating ethical judgement.
  1. Interpret both internal and external financial reports for financial decision making
  2. Examine and evaluate the key issues relating to accounting and financial management and recommend appropriate solutions to a variety of audiences


The School is committed to continual improvement in teaching and learning. In assessing teaching and learning practices in a subject, the School takes into consideration student feedback from many sources. These sources include direct student feedback to tutors and lecturers, feedback through Student Services and Business and Law Central, responses to the Subject and Course Evaluation Surveys. These important student responses are used to make ongoing changes to subjects and courses. This information is also used to inform systemic comprehensive reviews of subjects and courses.


In extraordinary circumstances the provisions stipulated in this Subject Outline may require amendment after the Subject Outline has been distributed. All students enrolled in the subject will be notified and have the opportunity to provide feedback in relation to the proposed amendment, where practicable, prior to the amendment being finalised.


Course Learning Outcomes can be found in the Course Handbook


The Faculty of Business and Law expects all students to actively use and review all online content provided for this subject. All types of participation will be monitored and is required in order to have a reasonable attempt at this subject.ACCY801 Subject Outline



The University uses the eLearning system Moodle to support all coursework subjects. The subject Moodle site can be accessed via:



Remote Study Support Moodle site (TCHR054_20) is accessible to support your studies from remote locations around the globe until you can return to on campus study. This site will appear as an additional site on your list of active Moodle subject sites.

This site contains comprehensive information with a range of resources related to teaching and learning as well as other student support information.


Accounting and Financial Management, A Pearson Australia Custom Book, 2021.

ISBN:9780655704553 (cost: $99.95).

This text is also available as an e-text online at (cost $70)

Textbooks are available online from the University Bookshop at


The recommended readings below are not intended as an exhaustive list of references. Students should also use the library catalogue and databases to locate additional resources.

The recommended readings below are not intended as an exhaustive list of references. Students should also use the library catalogues and databases to locate additional resources.

  1. Petty, J. W., Titman, S., Keown, A.R. and Martin, J.D., 2015, Financial management: Principles and applications, Pearson Higher Education, AU.
  1. Block, S., Hirt, G. and Danielson, B. 2014, Foundations of Financial Management, 15th ed, McGraw-Hill Irwin, New York
  1. Weygandt, J., Kimmel, P. and Kieso, D. 2014, Managerial Accounting: Tools for Decision Making, 7th ed,John Wiley & Sons Australia Ltd, Queensland.
  1. Carlon, S., Mladenovic-McAlpine, R., Loftus, J., Palm, C., Kimmel, P., Kieso, D. and Weygandt,J.,2012, Accounting: Building Business Skills, 4th ed., John Wiley & Sons Australia Ltd, Queensland.
  1. Hoggett, J.R., Medlin, J., Chalmers, K., Beattie, C., Hellmann, A. and Maxfield, J. 2018, Accounting Tenth edition., Wiley, Milton, Qld.


There are several introductory textbooks available in the University library and online should students wish to supplement their learning material, however reading beyond the set texts is not required.

Lecture Recording

The University of Wollongong supports the recording of UOW educational content as a supplemental study tool, to provide students with equity of access, and as a technology-enriched learning strategy to enhance the student experience.

If you make your own recording of a lecture, class, seminar, workshop or any other educational session provided as part of your course of study you can only do so with the explicit permission of the lecturer and those people who are also being recorded.

You may only use educational content recorded through the delivery of subject or course content, whether they are your own or recorded by the university, for your own educational purposes. Recordings cannot be altered,shared or published on another platform, without permission of the University, and to do so may contravene the University’s Copyright Policy, Privacy Policy, Intellectual Property Policy, IT Acceptable Use Policy and Student Conduct Rules. Unauthorised sharing of recordings may also involve a breach of law under the Copyright Act 1969.

Most lectures in this subject will be recorded, when they are scheduled in venues that are equipped with lecture recording technology, and made available via the subject Moodle site within 48 hours.

Your Privacy – Lecture Recording

In accordance with the Student Privacy & Disclosure Statement, when undertaking our normal teaching and learning activities, the University may collect your personal information. This collection may occur incidentally during the recording of lectures in equipped venues (i.e. when your identity can be ascertained by your image,voice or opinion), or via the delivery of online content therefore the University further advises students that:

 Lecture recordings are made available to students, university staff, and affiliates, securely on the university’s IT Platforms and via the subject Moodle eLearning site;

 Recordings are made available only for the purpose for which they were recorded, for example, as a supplemental study tool or to support equity and access to educational resources;

 Recordings are stored securely for up to four years

If you have any concerns about the use or accuracy of your personal information collected in a lecture recording,you may approach your Subject Coordinator to discuss your particular circumstances.

The University is committed to ensuring your privacy is protected. If you have a concern about how your personal information is being used or managed please refer to the University’s Privacy Policy or consult our

Privacy webpage


Tutorial/Seminar/Workshop Times

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic this subject has been adjusted for distance (online) delivery and tutorial arrangements will be provided by your Subject Coordinator. Please check Subject Moodle site regularly –

The School uses the SMP Online Tutorial System and tutorial times and locations can be found at

Please note that tutorial times on the timetable are provisional and may change.

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