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  • You must use the scaffold (structure) provided on StudySmart to construct your essay. Your teacher will also go through this with you in class.
  • You must incorporate the PEEAL paragraph structure.
  • You must submit your essays in a word document.
  • You must use 12-point Arial font.
  • You must ensure that you use double spacing and leave clear spaces in between each paragraph.
  • You must ensure that you have used in text references when you refer to evidence from the source.
  • You must use quotation marks when referring to evidence from the source.
  • Your essays will be submitted to Turnitin.
  • Minimum 800 words
  • Maximum 1000 words


This assessment requires you to demonstrate critical thinking and formulate judgements. You need to avoid describing the source. You are writing an argument not a narrative.

This essay is important practice for your final exam and helps you develop the skills that are necessary to succeed in the course.


“On the 7th… Captain Nepean… and Mr White… and a party on men went to Manly Cove… On drawing near.. a dead whale was seen lying on the beach,and at least two hundred Indians surrounding it, broiling the flesh on different fires and feasting…

Mr White now called for Bennelong who, on hearing his name, came forth and entered into conversation. He was greatly evacuated, and so far disfigured by a long beard that our people not without difficulty recognised their old acquaintance. His answering in broken English, and inquiring for the governor,however, soon corrected their doubts. He seemed quite friendly.

When Bennelong was told that the governor (Arthur Phillip) was not far off, he expressed great joy and declared that he would immediately go in search of him… Have you brought any hatchets with you.’ Cried he. Unluckily they had not any… but two or three shirts, some handkerchiefs, knives and other trifles were given to them, and seemed to satisfy. Bennelong, willing to instruct his countrymen, tried to put on a shit… The length of his beard seemed to annoy him much, and he expressed eager wishes to be shaved, asking repeatedly for a razor. A pair of scissors was given to him, and he showed he had not forgotten how to use such an instrument, for he forthwith began to clip his hair with it.”


“With reference to Source A assess how useful this source is for investigating relations between the First Fleet and the First Nations peoples in the 1790’s.”