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论文代写|CE 419/ARE 419 Individual Design Report




Documentation of the design process occurs formally and informally in practice. Formal design reports are prepared and shared with the public, regulatory agencies, and engineers; all for purposes of describing the design process and results. Informal documentation includes items such as technical memorandums,design memorandums, design calculations, and project notes. Collectively the formal and informal documentation should represent the design process and key decisions made.

This assignment is focused on documenting your individual portion of the overall project. The report should be written for an engineering audience. Reports will be shared with course instructors and with the Capstone Advisory Panel, a group of practicing engineers who reviews specific course assignments.One of the main goals of the instructional team is to provide scaffolding for successful design report development. Portions of the report are drafted and graded, and feedback provided, before the final submission. Grading is initially relatively lenient, with more stringent grading in later submissions. In this manner, expectations are clarified and opportunities to improve the writing are provided before the final submission.


For the individual design reports, each group member must report their project contributions in one civil or architectural engineering discipline. If more than one group member is working in a discipline, each of those members must explain how their individual contributions are distinct from the others.

There are assignments associated with the Individual Design Report (IDR):

  1. Group Project Description and Scope
  2. IDR Topic Description and Outline
  3. Draft Engineering Process Section for IDR
  4. 1st Submission IDR (submitted in CE419/ARE419)
  5. 2nd Submission IDR (submitted in CE419/ARE419)
  6. Group Project Description and Overall Scope

Your project group developed a project scope soon after being assigned the project. This scope may change over the course of CE418 and CE419/ARE419, which is typical in the design process and in this course.

This assignment included a description of the overall project, including the location and site map, the entire scope of the project that was or will be done by the project sponsor, project constraints, and any other relevant project information.

This assignment also described the overall project team scope and provided more detailed project scopes by discipline.

Assignment Length: 200-400 words.

  1. Topic Description and Engineering Process Outline

In this assignment, you proposed a primary topic for your IDR and an outline for your engineering design process. The featured topic was summarized along with the justification for highlighting that portion of your design scope. A basic outline of the story of the engineering design process was drafted.

Assignment Length: 50-100 words and the outline

  1. Draft Engineering Design Process Section

This assignment is primarily a draft of the engineering design process section of your individual design report (IDR). The assignment builds on the draft outline from the previous assignment to provide a detailed account of the design process used for your selected IDR topic. Recall that this section highlights a portion of your design scope and describes that design process in detail; this section is not a general overall description of your scope. Specifically, this section should have enough detail and results that another individual could repeat the design process.

Expand your previously developed outline into a concisely written narrative of your engineering design process. Tell the story of your design. Refer to the CE and ARE Capstone Writing Style Guide as you prepare this section of your IDR. This is the main section of your IDR that will be used to capture the design process and evaluate your technical writing. We encourage you to look ahead to the IDR requirements.For this submission you will begin using your IDR template. Recall that Table 1 outlines the required sections. Note that the Objective and Scope section has been developed as part of past submissions. You are permitted and encouraged to use narrative from previous submissions in this report. However, your IDR shall not have any 1st person language. If you have revised any section other than the Description of Engineering Design Process section, and you would like additional feedback on your technical writing,please provide a comment with the submission in Canvas with a specific request (i.e., which section and what type of feedback).

There is a minimum word count for this section but only a loose expectation for an upper bound. Consider that the next submission near the beginning of Spring term has a minimum word count of 1500 words.

Assignment Length: 500-750+ words

  1. Individual Design Report 1st Submission

The goal of this assignment is to write the first full draft of your individual design report. This draft should include the requirements described in Table 1. The overall length of the IDR must be at least 1800 words,not including references. The minimum length of each of the sections is shown in Table 1. You may use text from the three previous assignments in this report. Consider drafting responses to instructor comments (see 2nd submission requirements).

Refer to the CE and ARE Capstone Writing Style Guide as you prepare your IDR.

a.Figures and Tables – This report needs to include at least two figures (e.g., illustrations, graphs) or tables that are referenced within the body of your report.

b.References and Sources – At least five sources (e.g., codes, standards) must be referenced; only two may be an Internet source. A source available in print and online (e.g., Oregon Structural Specialty Code) should be referenced as a print source even if you accessed the material online.

  1. Individual Design Report 2nd Submission

The 2nd submission of the IDR will expand on the first, as noted in Table 1. In the 2nd submission of the IDR you must address the comments that were made in the 1st submission and include a written response to these comments. Instructor comments are located within your graded IDR on Canvas. You must open your graded IDR report within Canvas and scroll through your entire report in order to find all comments made by your instructors.