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计算性能代写|ECSE 310: Thermodynamics of Computing Impact Paper #1


Submission Instructions:

• Please submit your assignment online via MyCourses assignment tool.

• If your submission is handwritten, please provide a high-quality image (preferably scanned
using uPrint or similar). Poor quality digital photos may be rejected.

• Please clearly describe the parameter(s) and your assumption(s), if there are calculations
involved. In this case, any workings and calculations should be included.

• Font: Times New Roman; Size: 12; Line Spacing: Single; Margin Size: no less than 1.9

• Maximum 1 page. References and additional information can be in a separate page.

Late policy: NOT Accepted.

Writing Topic:

Discuss a recent technology that can improve computing performance. The topic needs to be
related to computing. Examples include, but are not limited to:

i. Emerging technologies that can augment computational speed.

ii. Emerging technologies (including algorithms) that can lower computation energy
consumption or device dimensions.

iii. Discussion of emerging applications that may lead to large growth in energy consumption
(but in this case you need to propose certain solutions).


• 10% towards the final grade.

• Your paper should make clear to non-experts.

• Your paper should be well structured, with an introduction, analysis, conclusion, and
references from credible information sources.