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管理学代写|MGMT 1302 Sustainability Leadership Assignment #1


The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with personal context for sustainability
leadership, culture and communication discussions that will ensue. It will allow the class to
have reference points and images as metaphors to build on their own leadership behaviours
and characteristics as managers.

Globescan recently announced the top Sustainability Leaders for 2020. Choose one of these
Sustainability Leader companies from the leader survey to complete this assignment. You can
find the list here:

Failure to use one of these companies will be an automatic 0 on the assignment.

Review (and cite) additional material on this company to answer the following questions:

1. Briefly explain why you chose the Sustainability Leader company you selected.

2. Why is the company you chose in the top three of the Sustainability Leader list?

What aspects of the company’s business strategy are sustainable?

Now, look up the CEO of the company that you chose and review (and cite) additional material
on the CEO to answer the following questions:

3. What is the CEO’s leadership style? Has their leadership style ever changed?

4. Identify a trend likely to impact this CEO’s company. What evidence do you see
that the CEO is sufficiently forward-thinking to manage their organization through
this trend?

Your submission should be 3-4 pages double-spaced (not including title page, reference page or
appendices), 12-point font, and include references using APA format. A well-developed paper
will have an introduction, body with subheadings, and conclusion. A table of contents is not
necessary for a paper of this length.