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管理代写|Assignment for: Management Information Systems (M21823)


You are asked to analyse and evaluate the strategic position of a FTSE 100 company of your
choice, with both emphasis on the business strategy and also the IS strategy – a list of possible
companies is attached.

Appropriate models / frameworks of strategic analysis (both business & IS) should be used where
relevant, together with additional research and data. In particular, you will need to consider the
following tasks/questions:

i. An analysis of the business strategy adopted by your chosen company.

ii. An evaluation of how and to what extent does information systems support / impact on
the business strategy.

iii. An assessment of how successful the strategy has been within the industry.
note: data / comparative analysis will be necessary to fully answer this task.

iv. How sustainable is the current strategy? What recommendations would you offer for the

You are required to:

1. Make a 20-25 minutes (approx.) simulated presentation to senior management of the
company covering the above issues. Your presentation should be at the appropriate level
and include relevant visual aids as necessary.

2. Show the contribution of each team member by completing the Record of Individual
Contribution form provided and duly signed. It is crucial that this is completed accurately
as this will be used to determine (in part) if assignment marks / grades should be
differentiated – see below.


There will be a maximum of two presentations per seminar (see dates below). The audience will
consist of the tutors and the other group presenting only. Other class members are not to be
present, so as not to give any group an unfair advantage. Each member of the group is expected
to present.

Presentations can be made in-class or virtually.

You may suggest a preferred date of presentation, although this will have to be considered with
the preferences of other groups and the scheduling constraints. The final list of presentation dates
will be displayed on Moodle as soon as practicable.