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研究报告代写|Assignment 1: Individual Research Report

这是一个美国的研究报告代写,主要与Sybolic Logic相关


You have been introduced the project topic and the project cycle. In the first three weeks each
member of the team has been assigned a learning issue or project concept issue, this report is a
submission of your findings.


The individual report will cover the learning issue assigned to you during the team discussion
settings once the project was presented to you. The report will describe your findings and reflections
for the topic assigned and how these findings contribute to the topic at hand.

The report will contain a brief description of the project topic, and the learning topic assigned to
you. This will be followed by the about your findings and a critical analysis of how this relates to the
topic at hand. A sample template of the report is given below

a. Introduction
b. Learning Topic
c. Key Findings
d. Conclusions
e. References

The report length will be between 1000 -1500 words.


Each student will submit an individual report via Canvas.