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生物代写|Cell Biology and Genetics 91161 Assessment 2


Assessment 2: Poster Presentation Instructions

Being a “scientist” involves many skills. Apart from designing and performing
experiments and analysing results, it also involves writing and publishing the findings
of those experiments. Publication of findings and peer review is an important facet of
the scientific process, which consists of the collection of data through observation and
experimentation, and the formulation and testing of hypotheses. In this assessment,
you’ll have the opportunity to present a publication of your choosing as a science

Your workshop classes will help you prepare for this assessment task. Workshop 1
will outline what is required for the assessment and help you select your research
article. The Library Clinic will guide you through the UTS Library resources. You will
present a draft of your poster to your peers in Workshop 2 and be given feedback. In
Workshop 3, you will present your Scientific Poster.

To do:

• Compile a list of research articles
• Select your favourite research article (must be published in the past 5 years)
• Design a science poster of this research article
• Present a draft version of your poster and receive feedback
• Present your final version of the poster for 3 min in class
• Submit a list of articles that helped you understand your chosen article (bibliography), your
poster on to Canvas

Part 1: Selection of your research article

You can choose any topic that related to cell biology to begin your research. Start by
checking out some of the journals below (Table 1). All of the journals listed below are
available as e-journals from the UTS Library website. Your teaching associate will help
you define your ‘key search terms’.

Table 1: Recommended journal list and their corresponding ISBN/ISSN

Once you have done some initial searching and reading, select ONE of the research
papers as the basis for preparing your scientific poster. The poster you design must
succinctly explain the work described in the paper. You can use the figures and data
from the paper on your poster and you must include the original authors name, their
affiliations and the original title of the paper on your Poster. Essentially you could view
yourself as having been delegated the task of preparing a Poster for this group of
scientists. The task is to prepare a Poster based on the work they have published
in the paper you have chosen.