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生态系统代写|GEOG 2020 – Ecosystems of Canada Assignment 4



In this assignment, you will create and submit a poster on a topic of interest covered during this course.

Your topic should focus on a specific region of Canada. The general aim is to synthesize what you have
learned about the physical environments of Canada, and apply it to the place that you have chosen. We
expect you to think about each lecture in relation to your poster topic.

The purpose of your poster is to explain the biophysical features and natural history of the region(s) you
have chosen. So, you will address its formation, its place in the bio-physical framework of Canada, how it
contributes to the uniqueness of Canada. Each area will probably have a slightly different focus (e.g., for
some, the geology may be more significant than the glacial history; for others, the glacial history might be
more important), but in general you should aim to cover the following topics (and be able to answer
questions on each):

Note that these topics are likely to be the order in which you will organize the information
A. What is the material of the region?


 What geological province?
 What age are the rocks? (be specific – e.g., Archaean ~2.5 Ga)
 What are the rock types? (again, be specific)
 What is the geological structure? (eg, folded/flat, sedimentary beds/accreted terrane?)

B. What created the landscape?


 Ice cover (e.g., when was it covered, how thick was the ice, where did it flow to)
 Erosional features (ie, what is the landscape like)? (eg, alpine glacial features, fluvial erosion?)
 What are the surficial deposits – e.g., glacial deposits, glaciolacustrine, glaciomarine, etc.


 The drainage systems


 What is significant today (e.g., landslides, e.g., wetlands)

C. What is on top of the rocks?


 Which type of soil? (e.g., cryosols, chernozems, etc?)
 What characteristics? (e.g., horizons, colour, depth?)

D. What is the ecosystem like?


 What climate category?
 What is the climate like? (eg, temp and rainfall patterns, microclimate, etc.)


 Which biome? which ecosystems?
 What is the ecology like? (plants and animal species and distributions)

While you are answering the questions, you will probably find that each area has something that makes it
unique – so make sure that you have addressed that.