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生态学代写|ANTH465: Final Project Part 2


Submit a one page (single-spaced) summary of your research progress to date. The report
should contain two sections: 1) methods and 2) literature review. First, describe your meth
ods (sampling strategy, target population, primary sources, etc.), including any challenges
you encountered or modifications made from the original study design. Describe what data
you have already collected and what data you still plan to collect. Finally, detail the analysis
methods you plan to use.

For the literature review, provide a brief overview of the theoretical and empirical papers
which your study speaks to. Describe the intellectual merit of your study and what novel
insights it will offer. Cite at least 10 references and include a bibliography. You may use
any formal citation style (e.g. APA, MLA) as long as you are consistent.

This is a chance to check in about your progress on the project thus far and what additional
research remains to be completed.