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案例分析代写|MGMT 6011 Managing Multinational Enterprises – Case scenario


Assessment 1 guidelines (as in the unit plan information-content).

1. Assessment One: Case Study Report (55% of overall grade) – This assessment is to be
completed individually

Research Topic:

Please prepare a research individual report of 3000 words (plus or minus 10%; i.e. no less than
2700 and no more than 3300 words, excluding references) on the following topic:
‘Attention to the triple-bottom-line at the international level has gained in significance in the last
decade, primarily owing to the awareness of governments, societies, and individuals of the need to
be sustainable.’

Using the following case-scenario, complemented by a discussion and the inclusion of academic
references, students will examine and describe the area of triple-bottom-line (TBL) among
multinational enterprises, and demonstrate how these can develop their business strategy around
a TBL philosophy. Using the proposed case-scenario, students will conclude by providing insights
into the future of multinational enterprises with or without attention to triple-bottom-line related
issues. For instance, students will discuss the implications of paying-not paying attention’ to the
TBL dimension.

Case study scenario – Assessment 1

“You are a business analyst with one of the “Big 4” accounting companies (e.g., Deloitte, EY,
KPMG and PWC). Your company has been retained by a potential investor to undertake a desktop
due diligence review of the ESG performance of Resolute Mining Limited
(, a mid-tier mining company with multiple operations in West

The review is to be based on:

1) Publicly available company information (website, reports),
2) Industry best practice guidance (e.g., reports, and
3) Academic research (minimum of 20 academic references, including the textbook; see
assessment 2 guidelines for more instructions).

Your key deliverable is a qualitative assessment (3,000 words, see unit guide) of:

a) The degree of integration of the triple-bottom-line philosophy across the business, and

b) The contribution of the triple-bottom-line philosophy to the overall value of the business.
Of particular concern to the potential investor are:

a) The response of the company to global issues such as climate resilience and water and food

b) The contribution of the company to the economic development of the countries where it
operates and social risk management at the operating sites.”

For further details, please follow the instructions in the unit guide, and the marking guide (see
below, and in the assessment 1 folder (Blackboard).

Please note: A bare minimum of 20 academic references is required; no Wikipedia, no
Investopedia, no blogs/related websites are to be included, only academic, government,
and industry reports are to be used.

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