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机器人代写|Assignment 1: Dining Concierge Assistant



This assignment has the following requirements:

Build and deploy the frontend of the application

1. Repurpose the following frontend starter application to
interface with your chatbot


Host your frontend in an AWS S3 bucket

1. Set the bucket up for website hosting


Build the API for the application

1. Use API Gateway to setup your API

1. use the following API/Swagger specification for your


Use to visualize this file

You can import the Swagger file into API


Create a Lambda function (LF0) that performs the
chat operation

Use the request/response model (interfaces)
specified in the API specification above

2. For now, just implement a boilerplate response to all

ex. User says anything, Bot responds: “I’m still
under development. Please come back later.”

2. Notes

1. You will need to enable CORS on your API methods

2. API Gateway can generate an SDK for your API,
which you can use in your frontend. It will take care of
calling your API, as well as session signing the API
calls — an important security feature

Build a Dining Concierge chatbot using Amazon Lex.

1. Create a new bot using the Amazon Lex service. Read up the
documentation on all things Lex, for more information:

2. Create a Lambda function (LF1) and use it as a code hook for
Lex, which essentially entails the invocation of your Lambda
before Lex responds to any of your requests — this gives you
the chance to manipulate and validate parameters as well as
format the bot’s responses. More documentation on Lambda
code hooks at the following link:

3. Bot Requirements:

1. Implement at least the following three intents:


2. The implementation of an intent entails its setup in
Amazon Lex as well as handling its response in the
Lambda function code hook.

Example: for the GreetingIntent you need to 1.

create the intent in Lex, 2. train and test the intent in
the Lex console, 3. implement the handler for the
GreetingIntent in the Lambda code hook, such that
when you receive a request for the GreetingIntent
you compose a response such as “Hi there, how can
I help?”

3. For the DiningSuggestionsIntent, you need to collect at
least the following pieces of information from the user,
through conversation:

Dining Time
Number of people
Phone number

4. Based on the parameters collected from the user, push
the information collected from the user (location,
cuisine, etc.) to an SQS queue (Q1). More on SQS
queues here:

Also confirm to the user that you received their
request and that you will notify them over SMS
once you have the list of restaurant suggestions.