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数据库代写|Assignment – Spatial Data and Asset / Facilities Management


Database Design and Build (70%)


The assignment involves the selection of an asset management topic of your choice for
which you will create a hierarchical pyramid to show how the features (assets) and
decisions based on information about those features nest upwards.

The pyramid should have 3 levels of spatial nesting

You will then make a list of 7 asset-management decisions. Two of the decisions must
use data from lower level decisions (i.e. bottom-> middle and middle -> top).

You will then create the physical database for your organisation, insert some data and
demonstrate using queries how this data can be used as evidence for the decisions.

Step 1 – Topic Pre-Selection/Declaration (online form)


Selecting a Topic Area and a Topic (link to online form will be given in Moodle)
You are required to select a topic area from the available list (link will be made
available in Moodle), and then provide a topic title and list your three spatial asset
tablenames and geometry types and dimensions. These must be nested (i.e. the top
level contains the middle level and the middle level contains the bottom level).

There is no specific deadline for this task but you should make sure you lock in your
topic BEFORE doing any other work on the assignment!

At least one of your pyramid geometries MUST be 3D1


• The top level should be a 3D volume or a 2D or 3D area
• The middle level should be a 3D volume or a 2D or 3D area (provided it
nests inside the top level using st_contains)
• The bottom level should be a 2D or 3D point or a 2D or 3D line or a 2D or
3D area or a 3D volume (provided it nests inside the middle level using

To give you an idea of the types of assets/facilities that you might think about, in the
past we have had assignments relating to mountain rescue huts, zoos, cycle hire,
logistics/delivery organisations, holiday letting, infrastructure management
companies, lost property offices, forest maintenance, highways agencies, water supply
companies and many more. You may also find some case studies online using search
terms such as built asset management, GIS, key performance indicators, KPI.

Your organisation may relate to your work, MSc degree, research or another area of
interest. You could include decisions related to condition surveys, to short term
replacement costs for an asset, to long term asset portfolio costs and purchasing /
upgrade decisions. You could look at fire prevention, reactive building repairs, planned
maintenance, human comfort. You could also look at information that would be useful
to users of a facility.