Report代写|EL3996 Engineering Professionalism Coursework



Assignment BRIEF

The module is to develop students’ awareness of a broad range of social and environmental aspects of engineering and to develop students’ appreciation of the social and environmental aspects of a professional career in engineering. This is different in character from most of your studies to date, and the assignment is different from most of your other assignments.

You are to undertake private study informed by lectures, seminars, your own literature review, professional guest speakers, and a professional dialogue with your project supervisor if possible. The professional dialogue will consist of a series of one-to-one meetings between you and your project supervisor through Microsoft Teams arranged at your mutual convenience for each of the topics delivered. Your electronic portfolio is evidence of your study where you produce series of short-condensed statement for each of the topics as evidence of your own study and comments from weekly sessions which you will have uploaded to Blackboard for topics as listed below. For final assessment you are to choose one of these topics and write an essay approximately 2000 words this is the summative part of your assessment and it will be marked for 100% of the module mark.

The purpose of the electronic submission of individual condensed topics for your portfolio is to support and inform the professional dialogue. It will justify evidence of your private study/research.

• Professional engineering institutions
• Engineering ethics and professional codes of practice
• Engineering career pathways
• Technological developments and their impact on society
• Standardisation and the importance of engineering standards
• Commercial and economic aspects of engineering activity
• Intellectual property and intellectual property rights
• Influence of legislation on engineering activity
• OR a topic of your own after seeking agreement with your module lead

The bullet points above must be your own work and created by yourself. It is not acceptable to find a suitable image/comparison table online and use this verbatim even if it is correctly referenced you are required to demonstrate your understanding of the area.

The word limit for the report is 2000 words (see note below for further information on this)

Technical Report Writing

To complete the report, you will have to thoroughly research the area using reliable sources and thoroughly reference where your information and statements are coming from. The aim of the report is to be clear, concise and convey technical information to the reader, note that the reader is familiar and experienced in the area.

Ensure that you aim your report for this audience.

A guide on writing a technical document can be found at the following (this will also be uploaded to blackboard):

Please read over the above document to ensure that you are clear on what a technical report is and you are clear on what you are required to complete, note the above is a guide not an explicit standard you will be required to ensure that your technical report contains the relevant information presented correctly for the reader.

Notes on Wordcount and Referencing

For good marks and given the limited wordcount you should produce work that is: accurate; thorough; wellargued; clear; accurately referenced; relevant and written in correct (UK) English grammar and spelling. You may include figures and tables with short captions (25 words each) and a list of references without affecting the overall word count. Remember that you have limited words so ensure that you “stick to the point” and do not got into detail on superficial elements.

Ensure that you include references when discussing technical facts and statements on the technology used. You must reference all your sources of information. These should be cited in the appropriate part of the report and fully identified to meet the Harvard referencing standard in a list at the end. Website articles must be properly referenced to be considered as legitimate references.

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