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报告代写|Data Collection Template




You are required to write a report to present information collected from online resources about a business organisation and create a sophisticated phishing-type cyber attack strategy using the collected information that has the potential to exploit that information. The purpose of this assessment is for you to demonstrate that you understand how hackers can exploit publicly available information to orchestrate phishing attacks that might  occur in your own workplace or professional setting, so that you can identify the issues and challenges that need to be addressed to develop successful strategies to mitigate those attacks.


Learning Outcomes

The targeted Course Learning Outcomes for this assessment are:

CLO1: Apply a set of IS and business skillsto design and evaluate an information systems security architecture.

CLO2: Develop security solutions and mitigation strategies to address security threats and vulnerabilitis for Information Systems (IS) and other organisational assets.

CLO4:Explain the organisational and technical issues to consider when constructingan information security program that is aligned with a specific business context.


Assessment details

This task requires you to produce a thorough investigation of an arbitrily selected company.You can select any organisation you feel appropriate You need to complete the template provided with this document and come up with a phishing attack strategy as part of this exercise.Students can use any suitable tools to find information about the target company. This is like finding “compettive ineligence”on a competitor company.At the    beginning,as part of this exercise,you will need to select a real-life organisation.After the selection,you should try to find as much information as  possible about the organisation using online resources or tools available.