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市场营销代写|UGB327 Strategic Integrated Marketing Communications Individual Assignment



• Integrating ‘new’ (digital) and ‘old’ (traditional) media in marketing
communications is an increasingly popular strategy. Critically discuss the
opportunities and challenges that this approach presents. (30% weighting)


• Select a brand from those listed
Shoppee (Singapore) – an e-commerce giant under SEA Group which is one
of Singapore’s most successful start-ups.

Ninja Van (Singapore) – a delivery service business started by three
Singaporeans in 2014 that has now expanded to several countries in South East

TWG Tea (Singapore) – a home-grown Singapore company with outlets in 23
countries around the world, TWG is often mistaken as a premium tea brand from

Banyan Tree Hotel & Resorts (Singapore) – Asia’s premier luxury hotel and
resort brand founded by a Singaporean businessman with over 48 luxury hotels
in 29 countries, with spas and even championship golf courses.

Cadbury Chocolate (Singapore) – a British multinational confectionery
company which is the second largest confectionery brand in the world.

Victoria’s Secrets (Singapore) – an American lingerie, clothing, and beauty
retailer known for high visibility marketing and branding.

Thoroughly research the communications activities of your chosen brand, using
a variety of recent, credible sources. If you wish, you may narrow the focus of
your investigation to consider a specific marketing communications campaign
undertaken by the brand you choose from the list above in Singapore or another
approved country or from a global market perspective. However, seek prior
approval from your local lecturer/tutor before you do so.

Critically evaluate the key elements of the marketing communications mix.
Illustrate your evaluation with examples from your chosen brand.
(30% weighting)

• Make recommendations for an integrated marketing communications plan
(40% weighting)

Building on your evaluation and using the SOSTAC model (addressed during
the lectures & workshops) recommend an integrated marketing communications
plan and campaign for your chosen brand wishing to target a new, clearly
defined, market/market segment.