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密码学代写|Term Project Assignment Cryptography and Computer Security


Project Objective

You are going to study an existing paper in cryptology, write a summary, implement it by
using CryptoUtil, and present it at the end of the semester.
The topic can be any cipher system that is not covered in this course. For the list of
cipher systems that would be covered in this course, please refer to the Greensheet.
The project has 4 milestones: Proposal, Summary, Implementation, and Presentation
that will be announced accordingly during the semester.

Proposal Description

1. Research and find your favorite cryptology topic and write a proposal.

A template has been uploaded in the Canvas at:

Files/Term Project/F21-CS265-Proposal-Template.docx
• Abstraction: A brief description about the paper
• References
• Project Schedule: Break down the project into tasks per weeks

2. Submit your proposal to get my approval before starting the other parts.

Rubrics (50 Points)

• Filling out all rows of the project’s ID table (paper’s title, author(s), …) (10 points)
• Abstraction (25 points)
• Project’s references (5 points)
• Project’s schedule (10 points)
• Wrong file name (-10 points)