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商业论文代写|Business Game Written Assignment


Task 1

Prepare the following for your business game company’s final year annual report.

  1.  A corporate governance summary
  2.  A financial performance summary
  3.  A cashflow statement for the final year of the business game prepared in accordance with the appropriate accounting standard
  4.  A risk management summary

Each of the three summaries must be limited to two pages in a suitable font, a minimum font size of 11 and no less than single line spacing (line spacing 1.0).

Item 2 must be based on your own analysis and not be a restatement of the reports provided in the business game.

Appendices and other supplementary material should not be provided.

Further Guidance

  • To be competed on an individual basis
  • Follow the brief very carefully
  • Prioritising the key material and writing clearly and concisely are critical to the assignment
  • Be careful to correctly attribute any group materials
  • Make sure your cashflow statement balances to the accounts and deal with any roundings in the game results (Final Lecture)
  • Your companies face plenty of risks, the summary needs to reflect this
  • The corporate governance summary must be closely and appropriately related to the Corporate Governance Code for the Business Game
  • Be innovative in your approach
  • Use the feedback from the presentation in finalising your report

Task 2

Write a 1,000 word essay reflecting on your approach to Task 1 and what you have learned from the Business Game experience as a whole.

The key aim is for you to think through, explain and analyse what you personally have gained from the business game experience and how you decided what to include in the annual report summaries (and what to leave out!)

This is your chance to articulate:

  1.  What you have learned
  2.  The game’s value to you – now and in the future
  3.  Additional reflections you think are relevant and interesting

It should include reflections on the full period of the real game and it must reach clear conclusions.

You may include reflections on the presentation.

Approach to writing the commentary

  • Refer to positions not names
  • It should be honest and open
  • It is your personal reflections – write in the first person
  • You should be keeping a diary as you go along and use it as the main source for your assignment
  • A list of events with no significant analysis will get a fail mark
  • Be careful to correctly attribute any group materials

Final Gudance for the Overall Submission

This is one written assignment with two parts

  • Prepare and submit both in a single Word document
  • Use feedback from the presentation to finalise your work

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