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哲学Paper代写 | Paper 2 Option 2

这是一个美国的关于Philosophy paper的哲学paper代写


Please answer any one of the following two questions. The assignment should be approximately 300-500 words long. Files submitted to Moodle should be double spaced with a 12 point font and with at least a 1 inch margin. There is no need to give these a formal paper structure with an introduction and conclusion, etc.; go straight into the topic. Criticisms may be derived from any source, but please carefully cite sources from outside of the class materials. If you choose to do this assignment as your first short paper, it is due Apr 18th in class.


  1. Locke’s theory of perception is sometimes described as involving a “Veil of perception”, because it is a critically realist view of perception. a) What does this mean and why does the theory have this consequence? b) Why does the Veil of Perception put Locke in danger of philosophical skepticism? c) Locke’s theory of primary qualities has two features that are designed to help him avoid this danger. Describe one of these. d) How does Berkeley argue that this feature of Locke’s theory does not help him escape skepticism?


  1. Berkeley’s alternative to Locke’s theory of perception is Idealism. a) Describe Idealism and the view of matter and perception that it involves. b) Berkeley’s Idealism has several features that are not very commonsensical. Describe any one of these and how Berkeley tries to solve this problem. c) Describe any one other problem for the Idealist view.