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历史Essay代写|History 110-05 Extra Credit Essay #3



Pick one of the two following topics (Antebellum Slavery or Road to Disunion).  Use the information from the lectures (essays that do not use lectures will receive zero points) to answer all of the questions for that topic.

  1. Antebellum Slavery
  2. Did the Upper South become more or less dependent on slavery in the 19thcentury?  Why?
  3. Did the Lower South become more or less dependent on slavery in the 19thcentury?  Why?
  4. What impact did slavery have on the Lower South’s economy and class structure?
  5. What freedoms and restrictions did the free black population experience?
  6. What was the Positive Good Argument, and how did it conflict with reality?
  7. Identify 3 ways in which slaves resisted slavery.
  8. How has slave culture influenced our larger national culture?
  1. Road to Disunion
  2. What were the results of the 1860 election?
  3. How did the Lower South respond to the election results?  Why?
  4. How did the Upper South respond to the election?  Why?
  • What was the Republican Party’s position on slavery?  Why?
  1. What two compromises were made in the republic’s early decades to preserve peace?
  2. Why did Southerners become more defensive about slavery in the 1830s, and how did they respond?
  3. What series of events (we discussed 6) between 1848 and 1860 created deepening national divisions and led to war?

Format Instructions

  1. Your essay must be double-spaced.
  2. Your essay must be written in full sentences and paragraphs, not as an outline.
  3. This essay is based on the lectures.  Essays that do not use lecture notes will get no points.
  4. Use Question-Answer format.
  5. Your essay should be a minimum of four pages long.
  6. Discuss every point on the outline.
  7. “A” papers are usually longer—use all the details in your notes.
  8. If your essay score is higher than your multiple-choice score, it will raise your final exam grade
  9. If your essay score is C- or higher, it will add 2 points to your final class grade.  

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