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作业代写|Research Report



Task overview

Each individual is to submit Research Report. The main goal of the Research Report is to summarise the outcomes of the discovery phase, which will then provide your team with a basis for the implementation phase of the project. The audience for the Research Report is internal and will be used by the Project Principal/facilitators to provide Summative feedback to your team.

This report does count towards your final grade. The task requirements can be found here.

The report should be submitted to Turnitin via the appropriate link on Canvas. Note that Canvas and Turnitin may sometimes have outages beyond our control, so it is wise not to leave submission to the last minute – you can overwrite previous submissions.

Content from assessed tasks in this unit (even your own tasks) cannot be reused verbatim. However,you can reference papers and sources you included in previous tasks.


The aim of this task is to demonstrate your ability to find useful resources regarding current research in an area of professional interest to your project, as well as your ability to convey information in a written form about those resources and structure a research report, including referencing. This task also requires you to demonstrate your understanding of the project/problem and goals, and how they have been applied to your specific learning issues. Your skills in critiquing and writing about previous work will also be assessed.

The learning outcomes covered by this task include:

Apply real-world research practices to interpret and critically evaluate previously published material in a formal literature review, and plan, design, develop an innovative solution within a team environment.

Research the literature and compare viewpoints and arguments, and identify gaps in knowledge generating innovation concepts.

Draws on social, culture and ethical issues to make decisions and apply values expounded in professional practices in diverse contexts.

The Task

For this task, you will need to understand your project/problem and the requirements of the client (industry). You have to investigate current research relates to your project/problem and try to identify themes or ideas that you come across, for example, are there particular topics that are popular, or is there a key problem that has many different possible solutions? Your report needs to be structured so that someone not familiar with your area of interest can follow it. The report should contain:

Front page with the title of your project

Table of contents

Part A

Literature Review – in regards to your project topic, Compare your viewpoints and arguments and identify gaps in knowledge-generating innovation concepts

Methodology – you are required to identify and explain the research method(s) that have been applied in the area you are investigating. You will need to reference existing studies that applied such methods

Part B

Background of the Project – Define the problem statement clearly

Project goals and Objectives – Explain clearly what is your project goals and objectives

Desired outcomes and benefits – Make clear points and detail with enough information included.

Learning issue/problem – Define the learning issue assigned to you in your team

Project Scope and Exclusions – Think what are project in-scope and out-of-scope required

from the client

Project Deliverables

Project Management Plan


Goals and Milestones

Team breakdown and duties

Submission requirements

Each team member will submit a Research Report based on submission requirements.

Save the report as a PDF with the following filename format: Sem1_Research Report_Name.pdf

The due date for the submission is 22 August 23:59. Earlier submission is encouraged

Formatting and Referencing Style

The report should follow these guidelines:

Create your own template for this Research report based on the requirements below.

The body of the report should be organised with clear and consistent headings and sub-headings that make it easy to identify all the information required.

A cover page and table of content should be included

Any standard referencing style is sufficient: IEEE, Swinburne Harvard style, APA referencing, etc.

The report should be presented using any writing template with a single column, a minimum of 12pt font with 1.15 or 1.5 line spacing (please DO NOT use any template with double columns).

The cover page needs to include official student names and numbers. A word count should be included at the end of the report (before references).

Page numbers are required. Each page should have a footer with your student id and a page number.

All figures and tables should have meaningful captions. These can be in a smaller font size but should be legible.


The report will be evaluated against the quality and integration of information. The Project Brief will be reviewed against the attached rubric. This is an individual assessment. Make sure you are part of a team allocated from your workshop session.