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作业代写|PSYC30019 – Development of the Thinking Child



Assignment 1

• 1,500 word letter to a parent outlining your professional opinion on an intervention for children with ADHD, citing scientific evidence.

• Choose: exercise or animal therapy

• Your learning objectives: – to understand ADHD and the intervention – to find appropriate scientific literature on the intervention – to analyse the scientific literature on the intervention – to evaluate the scientific literature on the intervention – to produce a logical argument – to create a letter that is clearly written

• Worth 34% of your semester mark


  • Due in Week 5 before 8am on the day of your lab class
  • The Turnitin submission links are now available on LMS under “Assignment Submission”
  • Do not exceed the word count: +10% means that 1649 words is the maximum length.
  • Submit as a Word or PDF document.
  • Adhere to APA 7th guidelines.
  • Use double spacing and 12 point font.
  • Refer to the Subject Guide & Lab Manual for further details about the assignment.


  • Any questions about the assignment? Now is a good time to ask!
  • Q&A Assignment 1 Workshop Monday 15th August, 2 – 3.15pm. Zoom link is available on Canvas via the Zoom tab (audio-recorded).
  • Discussion board

-Students are encouraged to ask and answer each others’ questions which can generate good discussion.

-Please post your questions for Assignment 1 here. On Monday, 15th August, we will collate all the questions and address them in the Assignment 1 Q&A Workshop at 2-3.15PM.


Today you have:

  • Presented a critical evaluation of a therapeutic intervention for ADHD

This means you will have:

  • Chosen a therapeutic intervention of interest
  • Read several intervention studies
  • Critically evaluated the quality of those studies
  • Come to a conclusion about whether the intervention is likely to be helpful for children with ADHD

You have also had an opportunity to ask questions about Assignment 1

Next Lab

  • The lab in Week 6 (note there are no labs in week 4 or 5) will draw on content from Dr Cindy Chew’s lectures
  • We will consider individual differences in children’s numerical cognition
  • We will look at several tasks that are used to assess children’s numerical competencies
  • You will have an opportunity to complete a short version of some of these tasks and generate some data
  • We will consider what the data tells us about numerical competencies