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作业代写|IBFB90 Business in Practice



Aims of this assignment:

  • This individual assignment invites you to analyse the performance of your company during the simulations, what worked well, what did not work well, and why.
  • The assignment invites you to provide a comprehensive account of how your company performed in the simulation and analyse it with the use of theories and concepts from three business areas.
  • The focus should be the performance of YOUR COMPANY, not your individual contribution or the dynamics of your team.


You are asked to write a 4000-word essay in which you:

i) Analyse the performance of your company in the business simulation.

ii) Critically evaluate your team’s key decisions and how they shaped the performance of your business.

iii) Frame and support your analysis using the concepts and materials from three of the seven business areas covered in BiP: Strategy, Marketing, Finance, Operations, HR,Innovation and Sustainability.


  • You can choose any three business areas from those listed above, even if they don’t include the role that you played in the BiP simulation. You can deal with each function separately but MUST provide an overall analysis which emphasises the interdependencies across functions.
  • Use data from the simulation to support your analysis. You will have access to your company’s information on the simulation platform throughout the summer.
  • Charts are welcome as illustrations of points made. However, only include charts that are integral to your analysis. As such, they should be discussed in the main body of your essay and clearly labelled with a figure heading. Please avoid any charts or figures without headings or explanations.
  • You must show engagement with the academic literature relevant for each academic session, and make sure you cite and reference this literature as the source for the analytical frameworks you apply.
  • You are encouraged to use other relevant materials from your other modules, or that you have identified through independent research.

Suggested structure for the Firm Analysis essay (word count is purely indicative):

  1. Introduction, review of the company and structure of essay (400 wds)
  2. Review of function 1: using simulation data and academic concepts (800 wds)
  3. Review of function 2: using simulation data and academic concepts (800 wds)
  4. Review of function 3: using simulation data and academic concepts (800 wds)
  5. Cross-functional connections: this can be a separate section, or built into each of the previous sections (800 wds)
  1. Conclusion: overview of key ideas covered and what you have learned (400 wds)

Suggested readings

Please refer to the module reading list and academic lectures.

Assessment Criteria:

Your assignment will be assessed against the marking criteria according to the following assessment criteria:

  • Does the essay make adequate use of module materials? Does it evidence accurate understanding of these materials and their correct application? (Comprehension)
  • Does the essay provide a coherent analysis of your company’s performance? Does it go beyond a description of what you did and achieved, to make original evidence based analytical points, e.g. by combining aspects of different functions? (Analysis)
  • Are all claims made in the essay sufficiently backed up by data and citations to high quality sources? Is there evidence of critical evaluation of the concepts and frameworks used for analysis, e.g. by acknowledging their practical limitations? (Critical Evaluation)
  • Does the essay keep good academic writing standards regarding essay structure,paragraph structure and language use? Have citation and referencing conventions been followed consistently? Are all figures clearly labelled, easy to read and relevant to the argument? (Academic Writing)

Marking criteria:

Please check the specific marking criteria used for this assignment (Fig 1).

Formatting guidelines:

  • Font: Calibri (body), size 12. With justified paragraphs.
  • Line spacing: please use 1.5 line spacing
  • Use of headingsto signpost differentsections. Please signpost the key ideas with subheadings to help reader navigate the logic in your essay and find key elements of your essay.
  • Use clear labels on figuresincluding a figure number and title, make reference to them appropriately within the main body of the text
  • Please use in-text Harvard referencing
  • Please note that the word count limit is a strict limit, not a guideline: any piece submitted with more words than the limit will result in the excess not being marked

(WBS Word Count Policy from Student Handbook).

Fig 1: Marking criteria. Table shows expectations at each grade boundary.