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作业代写|FNDB022 Foundation Management Assessment 4




– This is an open book assessment.

-Answer the questions and aim for concise, accurate, thoughtful answers that make good use of supporting evidence and theory from weeks 6-7.

-You may need to refer to external sources of information, but do not copy sentences from your sources.

-Use very few quotations; your own analysis is more important.

-All sources must be correctly cited in-text and referenced in Harvard style (Deakin style).

Reference List should be provided on your final page.

-Use the Answer Template provided in the Assessment 4 folder to write your answers.

Submit your completed Word document using the Turnitin link on Moodle.Instructions

The case for this assignment is Cadbury Case Study. The case is provided in the Assessment 4 folder.

Please refer to Chapter 4 of our textbook (MGMT3) and the week 6-7 lesson slides for the relevant theory.

Your responses will be graded based on accurate use of evidence from the case, textbook and external resources; application of the theory and clarity is vital.Questions

  1. Define and discuss the concept of ethics. (2 marks) (100 words)
  2. Define social responsibility and explain if ethics and social responsibility are the same thing. (3 marks) (150 words)
  1. According to your textbook, there are six factors that impact ethical intensity when making decisions. List and define each of them. (3 marks) (150 words)
  1. Identify any two of the above factors that you think Cadbury has considered in their attempt to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Explain your choices. (3 marks) (150 words)
  1. Define advocacy groups (1 mark) and analyse how advocacy groups may have impacted Cadbury’s organisational environment (1 mark) and planning process (1 mark) in its attempt to make continuous improvements to the efficiency and sustainability of the factory. (150 words)
  1. According to your textbook, there are four strategies for responding to social responsibility problems. List and define each of them. (4 marks) (200 words)
  1. The makers of Cadbury, Mondelēz International, and Fairtrade announced a new partnership to help more cocoa farmers, families and their communities. Can this type of social responsiveness action be described as reactive, defensive, accommodative, or proactive? Justify your answer. (2 marks) (100 words)8. Imagine you are the CEO of Cadbury. It is your responsibility to approve the decision of having new partnership with Fairtrade. How would you approach this decision? Which principle/s would guide you in making this decision and why (1 mark) (50 words)
  1. Define the term stakeholder. Justify whether or not the cocoa farmers, families and their communities are an important stakeholder group to this decision of Cadbury partnering with Fairtrade? (2 marks). (100 words)
  1. Explain if/how you would engage these cocoa farmers, families and their communities in the decision-making process (2 marks) (100 words)