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作业代写|ENVS 170A1 Research Project Entry 5: Majors and Personal Roles



About the Major

A college major (also known as an academic major, major, or emphasis) is a field of study or specialization for undergraduate students enrolled in a four-year college program. In college, between a third and half of the courses students take are in or linked to the major. Students may be able to major in two disciplines, have a major and a minor, or even establish their major. While some students start college knowing their major, others are still unsure. If that is the case, choose one of the majors you contemplate, and write about that.

Guideline on Identifying Majors’ Roles

Step 1: Read about what your major does and how that can be applied in addressing the issue you are covering.

Step 2: Choose at least two “Role Categories,” as shown in Table 1. The table shows broad categories where a non-science major could participate in environmental problem-solving. These are examples; you might find more.

Step 3: Research more about the “Role Category” to identify specific actions.

Step 4: Identify the role each member can play under the “Role Category.”

Step 5: Write and edit your summary.

Guideline on Identifying Personal Roles

Step 1: Think about your lifestyle and some of the actions you can take or changes you can make to reduce your footprint. You are trying to answer the following questions:

  • What are individual people doing to address water resource depletion?
  • What can I do to reduce my water print?

Step 2: Do an Internet search for possible actions or recommendations. For example, I typed “How do I conserve water” and clicked on “25 ways to save water.”

Step 3: Read through the recommended actions, and each group member can choose one activity, or you can share the same action.

Step 4: Do some research to identify specific information under the chosen action(s).

Writing about Majors and Personal Roles

Majors Statement: State your majors, and if you are undecided, state one of the majors you are contemplating.

Example of Majors Statement (67 words)

Anthropology, History, and Theater Art majors make up the team. Historians research the past and educate citizens about the complexity of society. Theater majors “create costumes, design and build stage sets, and give television and stage characters individuality” (Marquette University, n. d.). An anthropology degree explores human history from the beginning to the present and researches how linguistics, culture, biology, and history influence people’s beliefs and behaviors.


Role Category Statement: Give a short description of the roles and actions or activities involved.

Example of Role Category Statement (134 words)

The two ways that the group can contribute to addressing water resource depletion are through reforestation and the management of forest watersheds. Reforestation is re-establishing forest cover in areas initially covered with trees. Scientists have established a close relationship between streamflow and forest cover changes. Additionally, trees and forests reduce stormwater and filter pollutants that could affect water quality. A watershed, also known as a drainage basin or catchment, is an area of land that drains all the streams and rainfall to a common outlet (US Geological Survey, n.d). They supply a high proportion of the water for domestic, agricultural, industrial and ecological needs in upstream and downstream areas. A key challenge is to maximize the wide range of forest benefits without detriment to water resources and ecosystem function (Calder et al., 2007).

Majors Role Statement: Describe the majors’ roles in the Role Category.Majors Role

Example of Majors Roles Statement (117 words)

The history major can examine and write how changes in forest cover and watershed occurred with time and how it has affected water availability. This way, people will understand the importance of planting trees to increase the water supply. Theater majors can build watershed stages to demonstrate their role in supplying water. Additionally,  the major can design customs and stage characters that educate the public on how they can participate in tree planting. The anthropologist can write about how societies have benefited from forest resources and how they are impacted by deforestation of the watershed. Information on human-nature interaction allows people to understand their role in water depletion and how they can be part of the solution.

Personal Roles Statements: Describe individual roles.

Example of Personal or Individual Roles Statements (115 words)

Florida Volusia County (n. d.) identified 25 water conservation techniques. The team members can contribute by reducing household water consumption and educating peers on the same. Water conservation is the practice of lessening pointless water use. Some methods include cutting down shower times, running the dishwasher when it is full, running the washing machine with a full load, and installing water-efficient fixtures. According to the EPA (n. d.), a household can reduce about 20% water consumption by installing water-efficient fixtures and appliances. Many of our non-college peers might not be aware of these water conservation techniques. Therefore, we will focus on how they can serve money by cutting down water consumption to make it relatable.

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