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作业代写|ECE1120 – Communication and Interpersonal Relationships



ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINE (Parent Workshop) 30%

This is a group project. Each group will prepare a parent workshop for the families of children who attend a licensed childcare facility. These workshops will be presented,recorded and uploaded to LMS. The workshop will revolve around a specific topic and the group will collect resources to support their workshop. For the presentation and recording, each student should prepare their own-recorded area to reflect the subject they are discussing.


  1. Each group will choose a different topic to base their workshop on that would be appropriate for the families of children who attend licensed group childcare centres.
  1. Each group must research their topic in order to present their workshop effectively.
  2. Each group must prepare 10 questions (based on their topic). The questions must be posted in this assignment’s shared portal.
  1. Each student must prepare their background to reflect the topic of their workshop.
  2. The workshop should be approximately 15 – 20 minutes long. During their workshop, students must respond to their questions (as if they were being asked these.) Upload this recorded workshop to the shared portal for other students to view.
  1. All group members must have an obvious role in the workshop presentation and demonstrate collaboration.
  1. All group members should focus on using appropriate communication skills, as learned in class.
  1. Your group will upload onto LMS in the shared portal the following:
  • Video recording of your group’s workshop
  • All information pertaining to the workshop:

o Agenda

o Handouts

o Anything extra

  • The 10 questions given to the class. Do not upload the answers to the shared portal. Only upload the answers to the Assignment submission page.
  1. Individually, students must view at least two other workshops, and comment on these in the comment section.

Remember … Follow the guideline and include all required information as you will be marked based on this guideline criteria.



A parent comes at the end of the day to pick up their child when they notice their child’s arm is bruised. Upon questioning their child, they find out that another child at the centre has bitten him.

The parent then comes to you quite angry and concerned because their child has been bitten now three times by another child in the group.

The parent asks you, “What are you going to do about this child? What is wrong with him?” Then the parent proceeds to state that they do not want you to allow their child and the other child to play together anymore.

You must address this issue.