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作业代写|CIS 425 Final Project



Each of you will do an individual final project of your choice.  They will involve some reading and research on your part, and a project in OpenGL.  You may already have an idea of something you would like to do, or you may look through our textbook, other books, talk to people, or look on the web to get ideas.  (Please, DO NOT go looking for code!)

To make sure that project plans are appropriate, you will need to submit a one page proposal.  This should not describe the coding, but rather, what your project will look like or accomplish.  It should be well written in proper English.  Feel free to have others proofread it to make sure it is clear.  I will look at it, and together we will modify it if necessary.

Some ideas:

  • A skater at an ice rink, a soccer player in a stadium, a gymnast in some setting,… with moving parts.  Perhaps “prerecorded” movement, or programmable movement.  Other items around, supporting the scene.
  • A scientific visualization package. It could be used to display data on 2-d or 3-d graphs, in a variety of formats.  There should be a convenient interface for the user.  One version of this might be able to display world data on a globe.
  • A CAD package for a particular setting, such as architecture, robotics, or circuit design.
  • An energy “SimCity” type of simulation.  Windmills, solar, smoky power plants…
  • A Mars rover, traveling rugged terrain.  Or a terrain builder.  Or a rover builder.
  • A dorm room, with alarm clock, a fish tank, …
  • A video game.  Challenge yourself – can you imagine no weapons, not blowing things to bits?  Go beyond the video games you play – they already exist!  I really don’t want to see violent destruction.

By no means are you limited to these.  If you want to discuss your ideas with each other and with me that is fine.  I do not want an “exact” copy of something that is out there already – I want you to come up with the design as well as the code.

Don’t aim for a marketable product (yet).  Time is limited.  (You will be showing your project to the class and discussing how you did what you did, so your secrecy will not be protected.) In addition to the overall project, your project will be graded in large part on the variety of OpenGL ideas you incorporate.  This includes topics we have covered, topics we will cover, and topics you learn on your own.  Your project should be in 3D. For the proposal you should not discuss what OpenGL you will use, but it is something you will want to consider as you work on your project.

Please submit your proposal to Blackboard by Friday, April 8.  Call the file yournetid.proposal.pdf.Then get going on HW 4 and the project!

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