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会计金融代写|Accounting and Finance Assignment Remit



You are required to choose a multinational company on the London Stock Exchange and use publicly available information related to the company and its industry, such as the most recent three years of annual reports, interim reports, and financial analysts reports to critically examine and discuss the following issues:

  1. Analyse the effect of foreign exchange rate changes on the firm’s performance. Support your answer with examples. (suggested word count – 500 to600)
  2. Discuss the extent to which the company is exposed to foreign exchange risk, explain whythe company has a lot, or little, exposure to the  (suggested word count  500 to 600)
  3. Evaluate the strategies used by the company to hedge its exposure to foreign exchange risk and discuss how these strategies are consistent with risk management theories. (suggested word count:800-1000)
  1. This module covers foreign exchange theories and currency risk management techniques, hence, make sure that your report explores concept discussed in this module. Use evidence and recent research results to support your answer. You should make references to the wider literature and real-life examples. The assignment must include a table of contents and a bibliography clearing listing down all the articles and books that are cited in the assignment.

Module Learning Outcomes:

In this assessment the following learning outcomes will be covered:

LO 1. Discuss the global financial environment in which companies and investors operate and the motivations, opportunities, and risks of cross boarder financial transactions

LO 2. Appreciate the types of risks faced by investors and multinational companies

LO 3. Apply and critically evaluate alternative techniques for managing foreign exchange risks


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