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世界经济贸易代写|IEL Essay 1



You can write an essay on either topic 1, 2 or 3 below.  The word count for the essay is 5,500 words excluding footnotes.  You should use the standard LLM cover sheet for your assignment and submit it through Turnitin not later than 17 December.

  1. The Doha Development Round has effectively been abandoned and the development of the WTO appears to be stalemated.  If you were appointed Secretary General of the WTO what would you recommend for the development of the world trading system?  Write a briefing memorandum from this perspective of the problems facing the WTO, the Doha difficulties and any likely solutions.
  2. The principle of non-discrimination in the WTO system.  How effective is it and what are its weaknesses?
  3. In leaving the EU, the UK has left a customs union and a single market.  What are the consequences of so doing for the UK from an international economic law perspective?

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